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Dear Friend,

No matter what your age, you can feel better when you banish aches, pain, stiffness and soreness. You can sleep soundly and wake up every morning feeling refreshed, with more energy and ready to take on your favorite daily activities. If you have been living with intense chronic discomfort in joints and muscles, there's good news for you! Our newest formulation, MaXXiRub, has been developed to give maximum, safe long -lasting relief.

MaXXiRub, an enhanced formula of our 1997 prototype, was conceived partly because of personal need and those of very close friends. Repeated aggravation of my long-standing knee injury (from clashing with the basket-ball court) and the afflictions of my friends spurred my search for a natural effective solution to multiple kinds of body discomfort. More than 40 million Americans suffer from some kind of painful joint condition. The usual treatments of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs don't free you from pain. They may ease your misery a little but quite often they are accompanied with undesirable side effects. In fact, side effects from drugs can cause a person to discontinue medication and then the symptoms return.

Benefit from the most recent scientific research in alternative medicines. Using 21st century technology, MaXXiRub combines the most effective natural substances for multiple kinds of body discomfort. The quality formula of MaXXiRub is everything you need to feel better. MaXXiRub will give safe, maximum relief from discomfort and "Relief is Everything"! Give MaXXiRub a leading role in your health regimen!

I thank you for your interest in MaXXiRub and welcome your comments and questions.

Feel better and have a great day!

Martha Hendricks, President
MaXXiRub, Inc.


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