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Dear MaXXiRub:
I have been afflicted with arthritis for several years and I finally found in your product "MaXXiRub" a great relief from pains that kept me awake many hours of the night. Since I cannot take any over the counter drugs for pain as they upset my stomach, your product has really been a blessing.
Maddalena C. - Miami, FL
Instantaneous! That's the relief I feel when I apply MaXXiRub to my sore knee and finger joints. Certainly within minutes the soreness is gone and I can play the organ again. It is so discreet, too-no medicine odor to give away my secret. Thank you so much for helping me continue to enjoy music.
Maeva H. - West Palm Beach, FL
After 30 years of plumbing and heating, my hands and knees were beat. Pain and stiffness were constant. Thanks to MaXXiRub, I get fast relief.
Thanks MaXXiRub, Rich B. from PA
I had gone to a horse fair for the weekend and had done a lot of walking and climbing up and down stairs the entire weekend. By the time I got home Sunday evening the top of my thigh muscle above my knee was hurting so bad I could hardly step up one step to my porch at home. I decided to use the new product I had called MaXXiRub. I rubbed the MaXXiRub cream into the sore muscle before I went to bed. Within a very short time I felt the pain subsiding and I drifted off to sleep. When I woke the next morning I didn't have any soreness in my muscle at all. The pain and stiffness never did come back in my muscle. A week later I was moving a lot of heavy objects from one building to another and this aggravated my knee that gives me a lot of pain at times. I decided to try MaXXiRub on my knees since this was a joint pain instead of a muscle pain. I am pleased to say that the MaXXiRub was as effective on my joint pain as it was on my muscle pain.
Pam N. Sesser, IL


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